About the Manager and Strategy


Launch Date: 01 October 2018

General Investment Objective: Aggressive Growth

Risk Profile: High Risk

This portfolio aims to provide the millennial investor with access to the US biggest growth stocks with a great allocation to international famous brands such as Netflix. Starbucks and Amazon. A total of 20 well diversified stocks and a ETF providing you. the investor with great growth stocks. The investment strategy invests in the shares of companies that are popular brands and are listed on US exchanges. The portfolio aims to generate long term returns in USD greater than US inflation.

At Galileo Capital. founded by Warren Ingram and Theo Voster. we believe in questioning the status quo. We are continuously investigating new possibilities and striving to find innovative ways to improve on accepted methodologies and conventions. We believe that no system or process is ever perfect - there is always room for improvement. Our aim is to find those solutions that enable us to supply our clients with the best possible products and services. Hence our slogan: Challenging conventional wisdom.

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Bundle fee: 1.4%


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Bundle Information

RA Investable NO
Launch Date 2018/09/28
Minimum Time Horizon

Percentage and Performance


Management/Bundle Fee 1.40%
TER 0.00%
Estimated TC 0.00%
Estimated TIC 1.40%


* Performance quoted excludes management / bundle fee's
May 2022 -4.08%
Last 3 Months -7.38%
Last 6 Months -8.68%
YTD -10.23%
Last 12 Months 1.15%
Last 3 Years N/A
Last 5 Years N/A
Since Inception N/A

Bundle NAV


Since Inception 16.04%
1 Year Volatility 11.91%
3 Year Volatility 14.89%
Best Month 9.79%
Worst Month -7.87%
Maximum Drawdown -15.11%

Sector Allocation

Asset Allocation

Bonds 0%
Property 0%
Cash 0%
Local Equity 0%
Foreign Equity 0%


Here is a list of companies/ETFs that make up this bundle.