About the Manager and Strategy


The RISE CPI +7 TFSA is an aggressive multi-asset global balanced portfolio that targets CPI+6% over rolling seven years with the primary goal of maximising capital appreciation over the long term.

The fund is designed to allow investors to accumulate wealth without paying taxes on capital growth. interest nor dividends. subject to the rules that govern a Tax Free Savings Account.

The underlying investments comprise of ETFs selected by RISE. whilst. RISE retains responsibility for managing the asset allocation strategy on an active basis.

The aim of the Portfolio is to offer investors access to a well-diversified global balanced portfolio at the lowest possible cost.

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Bundle Information

RA Investable NO
Launch Date 2020-05-20
Benchmark CPI+7
Minimum Time Horizon 7 Years

Percentage and Performance


Management/Bundle Fee 0.97%
TER 0.00%
Estimated TC 0.00%
Estimated TIC 0.97%


* Performance quoted excludes management / bundle fee's
May 2021 1.31%
Last 3 Months 5.64%
Last 6 Months 22.29%
YTD 8.65%
Last 12 Months 21.33%
Last 3 Years N/A
Last 5 Years N/A
Since Inception N/A

Bundle NAV


Since Inception 15.53%
1 Year Volatility 15.57%
3 Year Volatility 15.53%
Best Month 10.97%
Worst Month -8.78%
Maximum Drawdown -15.31%

Sector Allocation

Asset Allocation

Bonds 11.83%
Property 5.66%
Cash 7.18%
Local Equity 43.41%
Foreign Equity 31.92%


Here is a list of companies/ETFs that make up this bundle.