About the Manager and Strategy



The RISE CPI+7 Discretionary Bundle is a multi-asset. high-equity balanced solution that targets CPI +7% over a rolling 7-year period.  The bundle uses a combination of active asset allocation and the best-of breed asset managers to achieve this goal. 

Our approach offers the following unique advantages:

  • Outcome Based Strategy - our positioning is optimised against the bundle’s CPI + 7% objective using a globally accepted framework. 
  • Tactical Asset Allocation – this is used to take advantage of short to medium term opportunities and. more importantly. protect the bundle against short to medium term risks.   The asset classes in our investment universe include SA Equities. SA Property. SA Bonds. SA Money Market. Commodities and Global asset classes.
  • Manager Selection – best-of-breed manager selection and ongoing manager due diligence. At any point in time. the security selection in the bundle is dictated by the asset managers we appoint.
  • Passive Investing – passive investing is a powerful tool. We strategically and tactically blend our active manager selection with passive investments (ETFs) to reduce costs and increase diversification.
  • Diversification – our process ensures that the bundle maintains the highest levels of diversification at all times. 


RISE has a proven track record in the South African retirement fund industry. and we are excited to bring our institutional solutions to the retail investor.



A minimum of seven years. However. your funds are available to you at all times.



The RISE CPI+7 Discretionary Bundle has a large number of holdings. and as such. Transaction Costs can be quite high for small investment amounts. The recommended minimum investment is R 1000. For smaller investment amounts. we encourage you to consider the RISE Growth Passive Fund or the RISE CPI+7 TFSA bundles instead.


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Bundle Information

RA Investable YES
Launch Date 2020-12-20
Benchmark CPI+7
Minimum Time Horizon 7 Years

Percentage and Performance


Management/Bundle Fee 0.99%
TER 0.00%
Estimated TC 0.00%
Estimated TIC 0.99%


* Performance quoted excludes management / bundle fee's
Jun 2022 0.77%
Last 3 Months 2.65%
Last 6 Months 5.71%
YTD -0.23%
Last 12 Months 11.32%
Last 3 Years N/A
Last 5 Years N/A
Since Inception N/A

Bundle NAV


Since Inception 13.78%
1 Year Volatility 5.57%
3 Year Volatility 13.78%
Best Month 10.55%
Worst Month -9.64%
Maximum Drawdown -17.68%

Sector Allocation

Asset Allocation

Bonds 17.47%
Property 2.62%
Cash 7.48%
Local Equity 47.07%
Foreign Equity 25.36%


Here is a list of companies/ETFs that make up this bundle.