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Do you feel like you’ve been sitting on the sidelines over the last year as the news is more and more frequently punctuated with stories about Bitcoin. Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain and how they’ll revolutionise the way we consider and handle money in the future?

Have you recently felt like the dim outcast at social gatherings while the cool kids all scroll feverishly through their mobile crypto wallets sharing stories of people that got in early and have made a fortune?

Blockchain. miners. public ledgers. smart contracts. private keys. public keys. crypto wallets. cold storage. encrypted USB’s. SHOO.

Crypto’s are a complicated affair and while Bitcoin has breached the $14.000 mark if this bubble pops. as many learned people believe it will. we could see a massive correction that could wipe out the holdings of many people.

With the extraordinary volatility of crypto’s. any investment in them is dangerous at best.

But we think that there’s a safer way to ride this crypto train. There is a saying in the start-up world that “you can mine for gold or you can sell shovels”. During the California Gold Rush of the early 1850’s. while mining gold was considered the more exciting and glamorous path. some of the most successful business people of the times made their fortunes selling supplies like shovels. tents. wheelbarrows and pickaxes to the miners.

The massive Levi Strauss & Co. manufacturers of the Levi jeans you wear today. was born at this time when the family decided to open a West Coast branch of the family business in San Francisco. the commercial hub of the Gold Rush.

So rather than try and plot the rollercoaster ride of the Cryptocurrencies themselves. we’ve constructed a Crypto bundle containing various companies with associations with the Crypto industry which we believe will offer you a considerably safer ride on the Crypto train.

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Portfolios with this risk number are targeting an annual return of inflation +8.84% or approximately +14.84%

There are no guarantees this targeted return will be earned.

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Bundle Information

RA Investable NO
Launch Date 2017/12/29
Minimum Time Horizon

Percentage and Performance


Management/Bundle Fee 0.50%
TER 0.00%
Estimated TC 0.00%
Estimated TIC 0.50%


* Performance quoted excludes management / bundle fee's
Mar 2024 9.80%
Last 3 Months 47.04%
Last 6 Months 27.68%
YTD 9.80%
Last 12 Months 88.49%
Last 3 Years N/A
Last 5 Years N/A
Since Inception N/A

Bundle NAV

Asset Allocation

Bonds 0%
Property 0%
Cash 0%
Local Equity 0%
Foreign Equity 0%


Here is a list of companies/ETFs that make up this bundle. 493564

Advanced Micro Devices Inc
Nvidia Corp
Shopify Inc.
CyberArk Software, Ltd.
Microsoft Corp
Take-Two Interactive Software Inc
Micron Technology Inc
Intel Corp
Paypal Holdings Inc
Beyond Inc