About the Manager and Strategy



The RISE Conservative Passive Fund is a multi-asset, low-equity balanced solution that targets CPI +3% over a rolling 3-year period.  The bundle uses a combination of active asset allocation and passive investing to achieve this goal. 

Our approach offers the following unique advantages:

  • Outcome Based Strategy - our positioning is optimised against the bundle’s CPI + 3% objective using a globally accepted framework. 
  • Tactical Asset Allocation – this is used to take advantage of short to medium term opportunities and, more importantly, protect the bundle against short to medium term risks.   The asset classes in our investment universe include SA Equities, SA Property, SA Bonds, SA Money Market, Commodities and Global asset classes.
  • Passive Investing – passive investments are used to gain broad market exposure at the lowest possible cost. Specialist and factor ETFs may also be used to enhance returns from time to time. There is a great deal of evidence to suggest that most active managers do not outperform their passive benchmarks over the full market cycle.
  • Diversification – our process ensures that the bundle maintains the highest levels of diversification at all times. 


RISE has a proven track record in the South African retirement fund industry, and we are excited to bring our institutional solutions to the retail investor.



A minimum of three years. However, your funds are available to you at all times.



Unlike the RISE CPI+3 Discretionary Bundle, which makes use of active managers and has a recommended minimum investment of R 1000, the RISE Conservative Passive Fund has no recommended investment minimum and is suitable for both small and large investors alike. The RISE Conservative Passive Fund is also available as a tax-free savings product (the RISE CPI+3 TFSA bundle), but small deviations in positioning and performance may occur due to regulatory differences.


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Bundle Information

RA Investable NO
Launch Date 2020/05/20
Benchmark CPI+3
Minimum Time Horizon 3 Years

Percentage and Performance


Management/Bundle Fee 0.85%
TER 0.00%
Estimated TC 0.00%
Estimated TIC 0.85%


* Performance quoted excludes management / bundle fee's
Apr 2024 -0.29%
Last 3 Months 5.77%
Last 6 Months 2.52%
YTD -0.29%
Last 12 Months 5.36%
Last 3 Years N/A
Last 5 Years N/A
Since Inception N/A

Bundle NAV

Asset Allocation

Bonds 31.46%
Property 0%
Cash 31.54%
Local Equity 21.59%
Foreign Equity 15.41%


Here is a list of companies/ETFs that make up this bundle. 1209040

1nvest Global Government Bond Index Feeder ETF
Dollar Custodial Certificate ETF
New Wave USD ETN
Satrix 40 ETF
Satrix MSCI World ETF
Satrix SA Bond Portfolio
Satrix TRACI 3 Month ETF
Sygnia Itrix 4th Industrial Rev Global Equity ETF
Satrix S&P 500 ETF