Top Performing

Fund Name
Mar 2024
Last 3 Mon
Last 6 Mon
Last 12 Mon
Emperor IP Global Momentum Equity A 8.55% 28.98% 34.75% 22.44% 48.79%
Sygnia FAANG.AI Equity Fund Unit Trust Class A 4.62% 22.53% 32.40% 17.23% 80.14%
ABSA Global Core Equity Feeder Fund Class A 3.97% 14.86% 19.03% 12.74% 30.48%
Bluealpha BCI Global Equity Fund C 3.82% 20.59% 22.44% 12.37% 31.49%
Sygnia 4th Industrial Revolution Global Equity Fund Class A 3.68% 17.71% 14.25% 11.89% 14.60%
Sygnia Health Innovation Global Equity Fund Class A 1.98% 16.52% 11.39% 10.84% 17.28%
Sygnia Health Innovation Global Equity Fund Class B 1.97% 16.38% 11.27% 10.75% 17.09%
Old Mutual Global Equity R 4.31% 14.80% 18.78% 9.47% 28.66%
Nedgroup Investments Global Equity FF B2 3.24% 13.70% 14.09% 8.87% 25.01%
NinetyOne Global Franchise FF H 3.25% 11.20% 14.59% 8.69% 25.03%
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What is a Bundle?

Too much choice can drive you crazy, so we’re making it #easy (It’s what we do!)

Our bundles contain shares selected by someone with the smarts: a brand perhaps, or a local personality you really admire, or an accomplished asset manager. We’ve got managed (Bundles) and non-managed (Baskets) solutions for your EasyEquities account as well as your TFSA available from creators like Emperor Asset Management, Alec Hogg, Mark Ingham, Cartesian Capital and Gareth Cliff.

What is a Unit Trust Image

What is a Unit Trust?

A unit trust fund is a pooled resource, which means that it allows a group of investors to combine their cash and invest it.

Think of it like going in on a group gift. Taken altogether, those investments are called the fund's assets. While you as an individual invest in a unit trust fund, the fund itself is run by a fund manager, whose aim is to grow the overall value of unit trust fund. The fund manager does this by investing the fund's assets, usually by buying stocks, bonds, or a combination of these two securities which are listed on the Stock Exchange. (Some unit trust funds can buy more complicated security types.) These stocks or bonds are often referred to as a fund's "holdings" and all of a fund's holdings together are its "portfolio."

What is a Unit Trust Image